I’m 31 years old and studying Digital Designer at YRGO Gothenburg Sweden, where I’m born and raised. I’ve got almost 12 years as a chef behind me and even though I want to change direction, food and beverage is still close to my heart. For all my life I’ve had an artistic mind, a passion for shapes and colours and that’s something I want to always have part in my life and work.During my education I found a big interest in motion design and that’s something, among all other parts of digital design, I want to develop within throughout my career.

Eductus Grafisk Kommunikation 2017

YRGO Digital Design2017 – 2019

Lundgren+Lindqvist / Internship november 2018 – may 2019

I handle: Sketch, After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flinto, InVision, HTML5, CSS, WordPress, Cinema 4d.