Adam Eklund

Akademiska hus

Akademiska Hus – Campuskollen


Akademiska hus has asked about a simpler way to get in contact with them, to report and to get information about what happens in the buildings and campus, and requested a simple way to get out information about disturbance and tenant information. Since 90% of the reports right now is from a desktop computer, they want it to be easier to report errors from a phone.
They want it mobile fist as an app.


Figure out a better way to do reporting on campus and make it as easy as possible for the user, and have other features that makes people want to download the app.


We came up with the idea Campuskollen, a web-app thats has the main focus to report errors, a news flow both locally and in the whole country and have all the information you need about your campus. The error report is simplified, with not so many fields to go through. The news is Akademiska hus Aha-newsflow and some local news that easily can be sent out by the admin user, that also includes disturbance information, map and environmental information. You also have all the shops, restaurants, cafés, libraries, classrooms and more around campus in the app so you easily find what your looking for.